9 Kg Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • 9 Kg Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • 9 Kg Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • 9 Kg Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker

9 Kg Self-service washer and dryer Stacker

1. Washing and drying runs individully due to seperated operating system.
2. Washing and drying combined to save space
3. Self balance technology, more stable;
4. Can also saperated free standing, more flexible
5. Stainless steel drum, never rust
6. No need to installation to the ground, the foot are adjustable
7. Program controls coin operation, coins can be customed according to requirement.
8. Price and washing time can be set according to requirement.
9. Inquiry coin cost of each program and times of program running
More Details

The coin-operated or card-operated self-service washer-dryer combo marks a significant advancement in laundry technology, offering a comprehensive and highly efficient laundry solution. Designed for diverse settings, from student dorms to hotels, it streamlines the laundry process, saving users time and effort. With dual functions in one machine, it eliminates the need for transferring wet clothes from the washer to a separate dryer. Users can enjoy the convenience of paying with coins or cards, making it adaptable to various customer preferences. Safety features ensure worry-free operation. High-speed wash and dry cycles enhance turnover rates in laundry facilities. This innovation is not only user-friendly but also environmentally conscious, as it conserves water and energy. It provides a new level of convenience and efficiency in laundry care for a wide range of customers and businesses.

Here highlighting the benefits for laundry shop owners:

1. Time and Labor Savings:

  • A dual-function machine that meets both washing and drying needs simultaneously, users can operate it with ease, eliminating the need to transfer wet laundry to a separate dryer.

2. Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for a variety of settings, including laundromats, student dorms, bachelor apartments, hotels, and Airbnb accommodations. It provides convenient laundry services wherever users are.

3. Coin or Card Payments:

  • Supports flexible coin and card payment options, catering to diverse user preferences and providing multiple revenue collection methods for business operators.

4. Safety and Reliability:

  • Equipped with various safety features to ensure secure operation, prevent accidents, and protect both users and the machine.

5. Rapid Efficiency:

  • Swift wash and dry cycles ensure laundry tasks are completed in minimal time, enhancing the turnover rate for laundromats and apartments.

6. High Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Designed with sustainability in mind, the machine conserves water and energy, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

7. Customized Wash Programs:

  • Users can select from a range of wash programs tailored to different fabric types, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

8. Remote Monitoring and Management:

  • Business operators can monitor machine usage remotely, gaining real-time insights into machine performance and enhancing operational efficiency.

9. Compact Design:

  • The machine's compact footprint makes it suitable for small laundry rooms or apartments with limited space.

10. Enhanced User Experience: - Offering a convenient all-in-one solution, the machine enables users to complete laundry tasks quickly, improving the laundry experience.


Dryer Specification: Washer Specification: 
Rated Voltage220-240V~Rated Voltage220-240V~
Rated Frequency50/60HzRated Frequency50/60Hz
Heating  power(watts)2200Heating  Power(watts)1650
Rated Power Input(watts)      2400Rated Power Input(watts)      1900
Low noise(dB)58~62Low Spin Noise (dB)71
Inner drum Speed(rpm)(50Hz)48~53Inner drum Speed(rpm)(50Hz)1000
Dry Capacity9 KgDry Capacity9 Kg
Dryer type VentingInner DrumStainless Steel
Front/Back VentingBack Motor Type BLDC
 Type of controlsElectronic Type of controlsElectronic
Control panelABSControl panelABS
DoorplasticDoorGlass& Plastic
Drum (Stainless Tub System)Drum (Stainless Tub System)
 Cabinet (Color steel plate(PCM) Cabinet PCM
 Cycle status lights Cycle status lights
Front lint filterDoor LockElectromagnetic
 back lint filterRemaining Time Display
 Buzzer Buzzer
The direction of opening the door leftThe direction of opening the door left
The angle of opening the door 150°The angle of opening the door 150°
Safer thermostat heaterSafer thermostat heater
Error AlarmError Alarm
Net dimensions(mm) WxDxH 600x562x686 
 Packing dimensionsWxDxH 660x635x785 
 G.weight(Kg)   (Without coin box) 26.5/ 32.5 
Quantity in 40HQ (PCS) 162