Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine
  • Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine
  • Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine
  • Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine
  • Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine

Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Coin/ Card Operated Shoe Washing Machine

A variety of washing procedures can independently complete the functions of adding water, heating, washing, adding agents, evenly distributing, drying, etc.

The manufacturing process is exquisite, which saves water, electricity, and raw materials.

High-temperature washing, which can heat the water temperature to 95℃ for washing, high-temperature effective sterilization, building a health defense line, let shoes not leave thin Bacteria only remain healthy.

(5) Using an intelligent electronic lock, using a safety guarantee, high-speed operation is more stable and reliable.

(6) The electric heating shoe dryer adopts the self-developed shoe drying model, which has fast drying time, high efficiency, and energy saving.

(7) Distinguish the voltage frequency conversion control of the ordinary motor, realize the control of current frequency conversion, and improve the performance and flexibility of the shoe washing machine, thus making the shoe washing machine
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The coin-operated self-service shoe washing machine represents a groundbreaking addition for laundry shops, delivering unrivaled convenience and innovation. As an all-in-one solution, it enhances a laundry shop's appeal by offering a unique service that not only cleans but revitalizes shoes, making it a valuable point of differentiation. This machine can significantly boost customer footfall, leading to increased revenue, while also reducing the workload on staff. Its low water and energy consumption contribute to sustainability, an attractive feature in today's eco-conscious market. Ultimately, the self-service shoe washing machine is a game-changer, combining profitability, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.

Here highlighting the benefits for laundry shop owners:

1. Shoe Material Versatility:

  • Designed to cater to a wide range of shoe materials, from leather and suede to canvas and sneakers, ensuring comprehensive shoe care.

2. Ag+ Silver ion Odor Elimination Technology:

  • Equipped with advanced odor elimination features, this machine leaves shoes not only clean but also smelling fresh and ready to wear.

3. Low Water and Energy Consumption:

  • A commitment to sustainability – the machine is engineered to use minimal water and energy resources, reducing environmental impact.

4. Customizable Wash Cycles:

  • Users can select from a variety of wash cycles tailored to different shoe types, providing a personalized cleaning experience.

5. Space-Efficient Design:

  • Compact and space-saving, the machine fits comfortably in even smaller laundry rooms or shared living spaces.

6. Payment Options Variety:

  • Beyond coins, this machine can also be configured to accept digital payments, catering to modern payment preferences.

7. Built-in Safety Features:

  • Incorporates safety mechanisms to protect both the machine and the shoes, preventing damage or mishaps during operation.

8. Quiet Operation:

  • Operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful laundry environment even in shared spaces.

9. User-Friendly Interface:

  • The machine features a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all ages and tech savvy.

10. Remote Monitoring and Management: - For business owners, remote monitoring and management capabilities provide real-time insights into machine usage and performance, enhancing operational efficiency.


Rated capacity washing and drying(kg)

10 kg/4-6 pair of shoes

Shoe washing depth/diameter(mm)



Washing net ratio


Energy efficiency grade

First level

Drainage type

Upper drainage

Washing power of shoe washing machine (W)


Dehydration power of shoe washing machine (W)


Heating Power of shoe washing machine (W)


Fan power of shoe dryer (W)


Sterilization power of shoe dryer (W)


Heating Power of shoe dryer (W)


Shoe washing and drying machine voltage (KW)


Width of shoe washing machine (mm)


Shoe washing machine depth (mm)


Height of shoe washing machine (mm)


Weight of shoe washing machine (kg)


Width of shoe dryer (mm)


Shoe dryer depth (mm)


Height of shoe dryer (mm)


Weight of shoe dryer (kg)