Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine
  • Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine

Labor Camp use Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Coin/ Card Operated Washing Machine

The best fit to Labor Camp/ Accommodation

Programs and prices can be customized

26 Mins very fast wash

No need foundation, place it and use

Top-end coin reader can accept all kinds of coins or token

Card Operated is also optional
More Details

Our Fully Automatic Coin/ Card operated washing machine, as a self-service machine has many advanced features, which makes it a necessary falicity for laundry shop owners, who want to earn much with a little investment. 

Here are the benefits for laundry shop owners:

Robust Coin-Operated System:

  • Equipped with a reliable coin-operated mechanism that accepts various denominations, providing a seamless and secure payment process for customers and generating revenue for business owners.

High-Capacity Drum:

  • With an 8 kg drum capacity, this machine accommodates larger loads, allowing more laundry to be processed in less time, maximizing operational efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Design:

  • Engineered for energy efficiency, this washing machine reduces utility costs, enhancing profitability for laundry shop owners while delivering reliable cleaning performance.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • The intuitive user interface simplifies operations for customers, ensuring they can easily start their laundry cycles, reducing the need for assistance, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Durable Construction:

  • Designed with durability in mind, this machine can withstand high-frequency use in commercial settings, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.

Adaptive Wash Programs:

  • Offers a variety of wash programs suitable for different fabric types, ensuring optimal cleaning results for various customer needs.

Quick Wash Cycles:

  • Includes quick wash cycles for customers seeking fast laundry solutions, reducing waiting times and increasing throughput.

Digital Display:

  • Features a clear digital display that provides cycle status information, making it easier for customers to monitor their laundry progress.

Coin Collection and Management:

  • Simplifies coin collection for business owners with a secure coin storage system and accurate coin counting features, reducing the risk of errors or theft.

Remote Monitoring (Optional):

  • Consider offering an optional remote monitoring system that allows laundry shop owners to track machine usage, monitor performance, and receive maintenance alerts, streamlining management and reducing downtime.

Customizable Pricing:

  • Provides the flexibility to adjust pricing based on factors like cycle duration, water usage, or special promotions, allowing business owners to optimize revenue.

Low Maintenance Requirements:

  • Requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational disruptions and ensuring continuous service availability for customers.

Space-Efficient Design:

  • The compact footprint allows for flexible installation in self-service laundromats or labor accommodations, making the most of available space.

Water and Energy Monitoring (Optional):

  • Offer an optional feature that allows laundry shop owners to track water and energy consumption, helping them manage operating costs more efficiently.

Built-in Diagnostics:

  • Equipped with built-in diagnostics to identify and alert owners to potential issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal machine performance.

By offering these advanced features, our 8 kg coin-operated washing machine becomes an attractive investment for laundry shop owners, providing a reliable source of income, efficient operations, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Power 220-240 V/ 50/ 60Hz
Capacity 8 Kg
Rated Current 10 A
Spin Speed 1000 rpm
Heating power 1650 W
Heating power 1900 W
Cabinet PCM
Inner Drum Stainless Steel
Spin Noisy 71 dB(A)
Installation size mm 600*545*850
Package size mm 660*575*890
Net Weight 62 kg
Gross weight 67 kg
Loading Capacity 70 Units/ 20' Ft
200 Units/ 40' HC