Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker
  • Self-service washer  and dryer Stacker

Self-service washer and dryer Stacker

Convenient Self-Service Operation:

No specialized skills or personnel are required. Users can easily operate the machine by placing their shoes inside, inserting coins, selecting the appropriate cycle, and obtaining clean shoes.

Versatility for Various Settings:

Suitable for a range of locations including laundromats, student dorms, bachelor apartments, gyms, and more. Meets the diverse cleaning needs of different customer bases.

High Efficiency and Fully Automatic:

Through fully automated washing and rapid drying, the machine efficiently cleans and dries shoes in a short period, saving users valuable time.

Hygiene and Health Focus:

Incorporates high-temperature sterilization and disinfection technology, ensuring shoes are thoroughly disinfected during the cleaning process, thereby raising hygiene standards and reducing bacterial growth.

New Revenue Opportunities:

For business operators, the coin-operated self-service shoe washing machine represents a novel revenue-generating opportunity. You can set competitive pricing to attract more users, generating additional income.
More Details

The coin-operated or card-operated self-service washer-dryer combo marks a significant advancement in laundry technology, offering a comprehensive and highly efficient laundry solution. Designed for diverse settings, from student dorms to hotels, it streamlines the laundry process, saving users time and effort. With dual functions in one machine, it eliminates the need for transferring wet clothes from the washer to a separate dryer. Users can enjoy the convenience of paying with coins or cards, making it adaptable to various customer preferences. Safety features ensure worry-free operation. High-speed wash and dry cycles enhance turnover rates in laundry facilities. This innovation is not only user-friendly but also environmentally conscious, as it conserves water and energy. It provides a new level of convenience and efficiency in laundry care for a wide range of customers and businesses.

Here highlighting the benefits for laundry shop owners:

1. Time and Labor Savings:

  • A dual-function machine that meets both washing and drying needs simultaneously, users can operate it with ease, eliminating the need to transfer wet laundry to a separate dryer.

2. Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for a variety of settings, including laundromats, student dorms, bachelor apartments, hotels, and Airbnb accommodations. It provides convenient laundry services wherever users are.

3. Coin or Card Payments:

  • Supports flexible coin and card payment options, catering to diverse user preferences and providing multiple revenue collection methods for business operators.

4. Safety and Reliability:

  • Equipped with various safety features to ensure secure operation, preventing accidents and protecting both users and the machine.

5. Rapid Efficiency:

  • Swift wash and dry cycles ensure laundry tasks are completed in minimal time, enhancing the turnover rate for laundromats and apartments.

6. High Water and Energy Efficiency:

  • Designed with sustainability in mind, the machine conserves water and energy, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

7. Customized Wash Programs:

  • Users can select from a range of wash programs tailored to different fabric types, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

8. Remote Monitoring and Management:

  • Business operators can monitor machine usage remotely, gaining real-time insights into machine performance and enhancing operational efficiency.

9. Compact Design:

  • The machine's compact footprint makes it suitable for small laundry rooms or apartments with limited space.

10. Enhanced User Experience: - Offering a convenient all-in-one solution, the machine enables users to complete laundry tasks quickly, improving the laundry experience.


Power220-240 V/ 50/ 60Hz
Washing Drum Sizeφ481*400
G- Force268
Wash Capacity9 kg
Dry Capacity9 kg
Washing power450 W
Washing Heating power1750 W
Water Consumption65 L
Washer Energy Consumption Cold Water0.07 Kwh
Washer Energy Consumption Warm Water0.82 Kwh
Washer Energy Consumption Hot Water1.15 Kwh
Drying Heating MoodElectricity
Drying Heating Power3000 W
Drying Speed60 rpm
Drying methodVentilation
Inlet Hose length1.5 m
Inlet Hose diameter10 mm
Installation size mm700*750*1890
Package size mm780*820*2050
Net Weight182 kg
Gross weight192 kg